Probate Real Estate

We’ll walk you through the entire process.

Our probate team of local professionals has a single focus of providing families with value services and resources during transitioning life events. Our unique set of skills help families face the challenge of estate disposition. We can help with: 
1. Recommendations to maximize sales price.
2. Saving time on the disposition of property. 
3. Consult with family members & heirs to help achieve consensus. 
4. Prepare a program to reduce the “Time on the Market” (Set expectations).
5. Arrange repairs bids (to ensure buyer finance underwriting & higher value). 
6. Refer you to an estate liquidator (Auction or Estate Sale) to appraise and/or sell the personal property. 
7. Coordinate the clean-out of the property with local companies and/or donate remaining personal property to charities and local ministries. 
8. Market and sell the residence, commercial property or business.

We use our experience to assemble a team of experts to offer a full range of service solutions for inherited properties. 
- Contractors 
- Personal Property Estate Sale/Auctioneers 
- Home Inspectors Remodeling Contractors 
- Foundation Specialists 
- Cleaning Services 
- Carpet Cleaners 
- Plumbers
- Insurance Agents
- Moving & Storage Companies 
- Business Consultants 
- Local Attorneys 
- Financial Planners 
- Tax Professionals
- Appraisers

If you have a probate or trust property to sell, We are here to help!

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